Journal Entry for the week of Jan. 15th, 2024


Comments and Feedback of the Week: These journal entries were written by our customers in our cabin room during their experience here at Olympus Spa. To our Olympus Spa journal writers: We appreciate your time writing in our journal! Thank you!

Written: January 17th, 2024

This is my third visit to Olympus Spa and I love how I feel afterwards. This place does wonders when it comes to releasing any tension, stress, or burdens you had before you entered this space. Let it go and let it flow.

Written: January 18th, 2024

So grateful to be here today celebrating my 60th Birthday with two of my favorite humans. My beautiful daughters! I love everything about both of them and love this place. It’s so peaceful, so tranquil, and so relaxing.

Written: January 20th, 2024

This place rejuvenates the mind, spirit, and soul – especially in gray, rainy, January in Seattle!

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