Journal Entry for the week of March 5th, 2023


Comments and Feedback of the Week: These journal entries were written by our customers in our cabin room during their experience here at Olympus Spa. To our Olympus Spa journal writers: We appreciate your time writing in our journal! Thank you!

Written: March 6th, 2023

I came here to reflect, refocus and reconnect with myself and my truth. So often does the world cloud and complicate our judgement and emotions. I often become disconnected from my true self and coming to Olympus Spa helps me refocus and relax. I always tell myself that I need to find some time in my day every day to relax but I can never do so due to the constant stop and go that I face, so making time to come to the spa helps me make sure that I find that time!

Written: March 8th, 2023

I am visiting the spa today with my two best friends for the first time. We have been trying to come for the past four years but we haven’t been able to because of the pandemic and also because our schedules never align. I love that I was able to come here and reconnect with them but also find time for ourselves and relax together. I am very excited that we are able to come to the spa together again and we will definitely be back sooner rather than later!

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