Total Bliss Package


This package includes:

  • Day Pass
  • Body Scrub (40 min.)
  • Body Moisturizing (50 min.)
  • Body Massage (50 min.)
  • Body Wrap (50 min.)

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Day Pass – This includes use of all the spa facilities such as:

  • Herbal Hydrotherapy bath – Hot whirlpools, Cold Water Fall
  • Mugwort Herbal Well
  • Mugwort Steam & Herbal Dry Sauna
  • Earth energy, Far Infrared Ray heated rooms: Sea Salt, Sand & Charcoal, Mud & Jade

Body Scrub (40 min.) – Directly derived from a Korean tradition of many years to exfoliate dead skin cells by using soap and scrub mitts: Cleanses and smoothes the skin | Improves blood circulation | Promotes detoxification. Recommended once a month.

Body Moisturizing (50 min.) – Enhancing moisturizing service for the entire body and face. Complements the Korean Body Scrub but it can be done separately: Replenishes skin with honey, olive oil and milk.

Body Massage (50 min.) – Individualized spa massage relaxes the muscles | Reduces muscle aches and pains | Helps blood circulation | Detoxifies | Improves overall health and wellness.

Body Wrap (50 min.) – While resting all wrapped up in heat insulating layers, slathered in product of choice, the heat helps draw out toxins while the body absorbs the essential and beneficial products minerals.

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