Am I required to make reservations?

Yes, you need to make reservations for services, however, the day pass is walk in only. This is to ensure the best possible service for you.

Does everyone have to walk around naked everywhere?

Yes and no. It is required for you to be nude in the pool area only. Everywhere else you will be wearing a cap and gown that the spa will provide.

What should I bring?

The spa provides a gown, cap and towels. There are also shampoos, conditioners and body wash as well. If you have sensitive skin, then we recommended for you to bring your own products. We also recommend for you to bring a water container (no glass) to keep yourself hydrated as there are filter water fountains throughout the spa. Also, please note that you’re welcome to bring reading materials, however, electronics devices (ipad, kindle) are not allowed.

What’s so different about your Scrub?

Unlike any salt scrub, we simply use soap and scrub mitts, bringing you a Korean tradition used for thousands of years to exfoliate dead skin cells. Wonder how Korean ladies stay young? Come and discover.

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