Invigorating Package


This package includes:

  • Day Pass
  • Body Scrub (40 min.)
  • Body Wrap (60 min.) [Seaweed / Hungarian Mud / Chocolate]

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Day Pass – This includes use of all the spa facilities such as hydrotherapy pools, far infrared energy rooms, steam room and more.

Body Scrub (40 min.) – Exfoliate dead skin cells for a soft and smooth skin.

Body Wrap (60 min.) [Seaweed / Hungarian Mud / Chocolate] – While resting all wrapped up in heat insulating layers, slathered in product of choice, the heat helps draw out toxins while the body absorbs the essential and beneficial products minerals.

  • Seaweed: Seaweed, clay and other botanicals support the skin nourishment and hydration, the body’s cleansing, and detoxification process.
  • Hungarian Mud: Moor mud improves circulation, reduces inflammations, tones skin, reduces cellulite visibility, and helps renew old skin cells.
  • Chocolate: 100% Organic cocoa is used to detoxify and moisturize skin, reduce wrinkles, and repair any sun-damaged skin.

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